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Transformation to Mindful Wellbeing

Transformation to Mindful Wellbeing

In today's world, when people talk about "health transformation," they usually mean losing weight. Whether you see before-and-after photos on social media, read tabloids, or glance at pamphlets in a doctor's office, the idea that weight loss is crucial for a healthy life is everywhere.

To be honest – focusing on weight loss for health goals often doesn't work. Research spanning decades consistently shows that while diets may lead to initial weight loss and a temporary decrease in heart disease risk, these effects usually fade within a year. What tends to stick around, unfortunately, are the harmful effects of yo-yo dieting and disrupted eating patterns.

Being healthy is more than just what we eat. It's not about strict rules or willpower. Wellness is about many things, not just calories or weight.

Many people set weight-loss goals on January 1st (#NewYearNewMe). Just like birthdays or starting something new, the new year can motivate us to make positive changes. Whether it's building relationships, decluttering, or trying a new hobby, milestones like January 1st can kickstart positive transformations.

The initial motivation of a "fresh start" can lose its steam if your goal isn't sustainable. Planning to give up foods you love or adopting a punishing workout routine might make you anxious about New Year's changes. It's tough to stay motivated when overwhelmed with dread or doing something you hate.

Here's the key: Your well-being is an ongoing DIY project, much like maintaining a house. Instead of setting overwhelming restrictions and unrealistic goals, focus on small and manageable changes. Incorporating achievable new habits can be exciting, especially if you can still enjoy life's pleasures.

Establish clear boundaries iand prioritizing better boundaries for yourself, aiming to confidently say NO to things that don't serve you well. Maintain a work-life balance to avoid burnout and reduce stress. Saying NO allows us to enjoy activities that bring joy.

Here are few activities that balances physical and mental wellbeing:

  1. Engaging in journaling to enhance mindfulness
  2. Organizing and prioritizing tasks at work/business
  3. Practicing meditation, fostering mindfulness, and prioritizing rest.
  4. Dedicating to regular exercise and physical activity
  5. Creating a meal plan
  6. Cultivating a garden
  7. Trying out cuisines that are new to you
  8. Engaging in reading, dancing and painting
  9. Choose something that sparks your excitement
  10. Travelling 

Embrace the new you this year!

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