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#SheDeservesMore: Why Indian Women Carry the Weight of the World?

#SheDeservesMore: Why Indian Women Carry the Weight of the World?

Imagine Smita, a whirlwind of a woman who juggles a demanding career, manages a bustling household, and tirelessly cares for her aging parents. Smita is the embodiment of the modern Indian woman – a force of nature, resilient and resourceful. But beneath that strength lurks a silent enemy: stress.

Chronic stress floods our bodies with cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormone. Over time, this relentless surge can manifest in ways Smita might not even recognize – persistent anxiety, a nagging feeling of being overwhelmed, unexplained weight gain, and fitful nights devoid of restful sleep.

The statistics paint a sobering picture. A 2022-23 Deloitte report reveals that 53% of Indian working women face high stress, compared to the global average of 51%. This translates to millions of Smitas silently carrying the burden, their well-being sacrificed at the altar of societal expectations.

The Double Shift: A Recipe for Burnout

Unlike their Western counterparts, Indian women often grapple with the relentless "double shift" – the burden of professional success coupled with the unwavering responsibility of homemaking. This constant juggling act leaves them feeling constantly on edge, with little time for self-care or emotional refueling. 

Unequal Distribution: A Legacy We Must Dismantle

Further compounding the issue is the uneven distribution of chores. Despite progress towards equality, childcare and housework still primarily fall on women. This invisible workload becomes a constant source of stress, chipping away at their energy reserves.

Financial Dependence: An Added Layer of Pressure

The report also highlights that 70% of Indian women surveyed have a partner as the primary earner. This financial dependence can lead to additional stress, particularly when coupled with societal pressures around women's roles as primary caregivers.

The Ripple Effect: From Smita to Society

Left unchecked, the consequences of chronic stress in women extend far beyond their own well-being. It impacts their physical health, their relationships, and ultimately, the families and communities they hold together. A stressed-out Smita might struggle to connect with her children, find patience with her partner, or contribute her full potential at work.

Empowering Solutions: Building a Support System for Smita

But there is hope. By acknowledging the challenges and working towards solutions, we can create a future where Smita, and all Indian women, can truly thrive. Here's where we can begin:

  • Prioritizing Self-Care: Encouraging regular exercise, meditation, and relaxation techniques can be a powerful stress-buster for women.
  • Open Communication: Fostering open communication within families about workload distribution is crucial. Smita deserves a partner who shares the load, not adds to it.
  • Supportive Workplaces: Organizations can implement flexible work arrangements, childcare facilities, and mental health resources to create a supportive environment for women employees.
  • Shifting Societal Norms: Challenging traditional gender roles and promoting equal responsibility for domestic chores is essential for long-term change.

It's Time to Unload the Burden

Smita, and every woman like her, deserves more than a life consumed by stress. They deserve supportive families, progressive workplaces, and a society that recognizes their immense contribution. Let's work together to build a future where Indian women can shed the weight of the world and embrace the well-being they deserve.

Empowering Women Through Self-Care: The Benefic Approach

Smita, and every incredible woman like her, deserves more. She deserves a life where well-being isn't a luxury, but a foundation. As we work together to create a supportive environment for Indian women, Benefic is committed to empowering their self-care journey. At Benefic, we believe that every woman deserves to prioritize her well-being. That's why we offer science-backed products designed to combat stress and promote self-care. Imagine starting your day with a fortifying blend of vitamins, tailored to your needs. Visit Benefic today and discover how our products can help you unwind, recharge, and thrive. You deserve it!

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